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ABM VIP Consulting® exists to promote the growth and quality of the Global Consultancy and professional consulting services.

1.      Maintain Excellent Professional Standards and Financial Integrity

1.1       ABM VIP Consulting® Consultants conduct their business with honesty, integrity, fairness, good faith, and accountability. All consultancy activities are being conducted with transparency while maintaining client confidentiality.

1.2       All financial relationships between ABM VIP Consulting® Consultants and their clients and other involved parties shall always be transparent to those involved. ABM VIP Consulting® Consultants shall abide by the laws in the jurisdictions in which they operate.

1.3       ABM VIP Consulting® Consultants operate within written contracts or letters of agreement, concluded in advance, covering the obligations of both parties and the terms of compensation and reimbursement of expenses. Contracts for periods of service in excess of six months shall also cover the duration and termination of the contract and a method of arbitration in case of disagreement.

2.      Protect and Promote the Reputation of the Global Consultancy

2.1       ABM VIP Consulting® Consultants shall attempt to protect and promote the Global Consultancy by performing the highest standards in their profession and following and promoting this Code. They shall always behave in a manner to enhance the reputation of the profession and of ABM VIP Consulting® Code.

2.2      ABM VIP Consulting® Consultants shall act in a thoughtful and sustainable manner with the focus on the efficient usage of own resources as well as client’s resources being contributive and responsible for the Global Sustainable Development.

3.      Protect and Promote Client Interests

3.1       ABM VIP Consulting® Consultants shall consistently act in the best interests of their clients and their clients’ stakeholders. They shall respect the rights, privacy, and confidentiality of their clients and their clients’ stakeholders and shall not use undue pressure and intrusive solicitations.

3.2.    ABM VIP Consulting® Consultants shall consistently maintain the highest possible level of confidentiality intentionally and simultaneously protecting ABM VIP Consulting® Business Norms and Standards and their clients.

4.      Provide Good Service for Fair Compensation

4.1       ABM VIP Consulting® Consultants shall provide good service for fair and reasonable compensation. In defining reasonable compensation factors there should be considered the qualifications, experience, and previous results of the Consultants.

4.2       The terms, conditions, and amount of fees shall be determined in advance and agreed in writing between the client and the consultant. Fees shall be determined based on the time to be provided (hourly, daily or monthly) or on the completion of specified activities or projects. For contracts with time charges, ABM VIP Consulting® Consultants shall maintain and report accurate time charges and shall not charge a client for more time than used for that client or charge two clients for the same time.

4.3       The charging of fees against a transparent and agreed set of key performance indicators (KPIs) or a schedule of charges for an agreed set of deliverables by the Consultant to the client is acceptable.

4.4       In order to assist new or unstable launch-up enterprises and non-profit organizations which attest they do not have the budget for the consulting fee, ABM VIP Consulting® Consultants must negotiate the fee as in other contracts but the agreement may provide for scheduled reductions in payment if specified revenue targets are not achieved.

5.      Implement and Enforce ABM VIP Consulting® Code

5.1       ABM VIP Consulting® Consultants shall assure that all their associates and sub-contractors understand and meet the standards of ABM VIP Consulting® Code. ABM VIP Consulting® Consultants agree to provide or offer a copy of the Code to each client. ABM VIP Consulting® Consultants shall be terminated upon the fact of the non-maintained standards of ABM VIP Consulting® Code.

5.2       ABM VIP Consulting® encourages clients to bring to the attention of its Committee on Ethics any violation of ABM VIP Consulting® Code by any of ABM VIP Consulting® Consultant.

Published: 11 May 2019

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